2 Stars Hotel Cattolica, Adria Coast

Choose your 2-star hotel in Cattolica. Hotels with an excellent quality / price ratio, the 2-star hotels are often family-run, they are welcoming, equipped with all modern facilities and in addition they maintain the direct relationship with the hotel owners, as per the Romagna tradition. In the 2-star hotels of Cattolica you will find many excellent offers at convenient and advantageous prices.

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    Hotel Giulio Cesare

    Via Venezia, 39 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 125 mt from the beach

    • Romagna welcome, the informal and friendly environment
    • a few steps from the beach
    • Comfort and cheap prices

    Hotel Due Mari

    Via Genova, 13 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 260 mt from the beach

    • Green area a few steps from the sea and the city center
    • Specialties of the Romagna tradition
    • Parking near the hotel

    Hotel Madrid

    Via Marconi, 31 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 120 mt from the beach

    • Just 50 meters from the beach
    • Typical Romagna cuisine
    • Guarded and covered parking

    Hotel Lugano

    Via Lungotavollo, 5 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 240 mt from the beach

    • Family management
    • in the center and facing the sea
    • Parking adjacent to the hotel

    Hotel Leonardo

    Viale Dante, 149 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 180 mt from the beach

    • 2-star hotel near the sea
    • Hotel for family with children
    • Tradition of Romagna

    Hotel California

    Via Dante Alighieri, 30 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 222 mt from the beach

    • Comfort at affordable prices
    • Free wi-fi
    • discounted parking
    starting from € 37,00 per person per night

    Hotel Lucciola

    Via Dante, 113 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 200 mt from the beach

    • Traditional menus, fish specialties and a wide choice
    • 2-star hotel for families
    • Welcome to Romagna, the informal and friendly environment

    Hotel Miramare

    Via Venezia, 29 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 155 mt from the beach

    • Next to the beach
    • Typical Romagna cuisine
    • Family run 2-star hotel

    Hotel Roberta

    Via Torino, 31 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 110 mt from the beach

    • excellent location
    • Good Romagna cuisine
    • Excellent reception

    Hotel Villa Marcolini

    Via Caduti del Mare, 44 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 650 mt from the beach

    • Traditional Romagna cuisine
    • Comfort at reasonable prices
    • Free Wifi

    Hotel Floreal

    Via Cesare Battisti, 37 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 170 mt from the beach

    • menu of meat, fish, vegetarian, and for children
    • in a quiet area, close to the sea
    • Managed by the owners
    starting from € 40,00 per person per night

    Hotel Elisabetta

    Via Venezia, 22 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 225 mt from the beach

    • Situated only a short walk from the beach in a central locat
    • With shady garden
    • Free parking 400 m from the hotel

    Hotel Mirco

    Via del Prete, 97 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 150 mt from the beach

    • Free secure parking with shuttle
    • Excellent cuisine
    • Excellent location in the center and near the sea

    Hotel Domus Mea

    Via Venezia, 26 Cattolica (RN)vedi mappa 140 mt from the beach

    • Family Management for over 70 Years
    • 50 meters from the sea
    • Free parking

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