Christmas and New Year 2023/2024 in Cesenatico

03/12/2023 - 14/01/2024

Cesenatico awaits you to spend the Christmas holidays together.

The lights of the Marineria Nativity scene and the Christmas tree will be turned on from 3 December 2023. The Marineria Nativity scene, created by the Municipality of Cesenatico, will remain set up until 14 January 2024. Every year the Nativity scene is enriched with a new statue and a new character. From the 7 figures with which they debuted in 1986, today the sculptural heritage consists of around fifty statues.

The figures are designed as elements of a representation, to be seen from the banks of the Leonardesco Canal Port as from a theater audience; illuminated, because in the Nativity scene it is the lights that give life to the figures and punctuate the story. And it is precisely as evening falls that the Nativity Scene of the Navy lights up, as if a curtain were opening.

Furthermore there will be the inevitable CHRISTMAS MARKETS!
In the splendid setting of the Leonardo canal port, illuminated by the thousand lights of the Marineria Nativity Scene, on Sundays, holidays and eves, from 2 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, from 9.00 to 19.00 , the stalls of the Christmas Market return, with many typical products to buy or taste: decorations, decorations, plants and flowers, gadgets, handcrafted products, gift ideas, toys, clothing, various objects, typical sweets, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine.

The Christmas Market in Cesenatico will be set up on the following days 3- 9- 10- 17- 23- 24- 25- 26- 27- 28- 29- 30 December 2023 and 1-5-6-7 January 2024 in Via Anita Garibaldi


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